Development Update: Before and After

On the last development blog, I posted a bunch of pictures of the Smaradagus Swamp, which is an example of what our game will look like when all of the proper art assets are in place. Well, we have more art assets in place! I've been spending the last few weeks going through some old levels and sprucing them up, adding trim to houses, grass to floors, and a bunch other little odds and ends to our world that really makes it come to life.

I'll say more later, but right now I'll let these screenshots do the talking.

In a way, it isn't that much, is it? Some windows here, some fences there, but when it's all put together, it really adds a lot to what were, on reflection, very lifeless places.

We also went back to the drawing board on color schemes. The Sehktus Desert is somewhat unchanged as far as the sand goes, but it did receive updates in other ways. We've altered the lighting so it's less "loud," added some greenery around the water, and added some diversity to the buildings.

Svarog went through some heavier color changes. It was too saturated before, too bright and strangely obnoxious given what the place is supposed to be like. We've toned everything down--including the lighting--and added some much-needed color to the buildings.

Mount Nefisigg, our ice level, is next on the list for updates; the Smaradagus Swamp, as you've seen, is already there.

The Land of Glass is coming along very well, and other than some sound effects and a few missing art pieces, a major portion of the front half of the game is done. There will be balancing tweaks to implement, but really, the game is a game now. Characters talk and run and fight and cast magic.

It's pretty rad.