Smaradagus Swamp: Muck, Tradition, and Stagnation

So it's been a full year since I've done a level writeup and then posted a ton of pictures, which is a transgression I shall now fix! I hope you like swamps.

The Smaradagus Swamp is a rather gloomy place located right smack-dab in the middle of Vitrerran. It's populated by a group of frog-like creatures called the Tranalid, and on the whole, is the biggest nuisance on the continent.

As it turns out, it's rather difficult moving goods from one place to another when there's a swamp in the way.

As it also turns out, it's rather difficult moving goods through a swamp when those who live there do not like outsiders.

The Smaradagus Swamp's history is rooted in stagnation and xenophobia. The Tranalid are a simple people who do not rely on magic or major governments to function. They have a small tribunal of Elders that make rules and judgements, and that's the way it's been since they can remember.

One can imagine the problems this poses to the countries surrounding the swamp: peaceful travel is necessary for global economics, and magic makes life easier for everyone. As Vitrerran advances in both technology and sociology, the Smaradagus Swamp stays a swamp.

To those that live there save Pakasoph, that's fine. It's not a swamp to them; it's simply home.

Now let's have some pictures already!

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When it comes to the construction of the Smaradagus Swamp, I'm sure the first thing you'll notice is the shiny new details and tiles. This level has marked our first foray into custom tile sheets for all of our maps, which is why it has lily pads, trees, flowers, and wooden bridges. Joe is currently working on these tilesheets for the other levels--as of this writing, he's finished like six or seven of them--meaning every screenshot of The Land of Glass on this website woefully outdated.

If you like the detail here, know that every level will look like this when all is said and done.