Joe Waller is a programmer, creator, and thinker. He’s currently the head game designer, lead programmer, lead artist, a level designer, and music composer for Dual Wield Software. He might also be kind of crazy in a good way, but everyone is too afraid to ask him. It’s probably best to keep it that way.

Chad Waller is a writer, reader, and perhaps a third and fourth thing as well. He’s currently the lead writer for Dual Wield Software and is even being trusted with some game design, level design, music composition, and website design. He likes to think himself a terrible cynic, but he’s really too optimistic for that to be true. This bothers him, but he doesn’t know why.


Why Dual Wield Software

There are two reasons for the name, and one of them is a great secret. I can divulge the other though.

There are two of us!

I can assure you that the secret reason is better than that one, but it being a secret and all, you’ll have to live with the really terrible secondary explanation. I’m sorry, but not really.

As for the logo: the machine gun represents Chad who is terrible and needs to spray-and-pray to win at shooters while the shotgun represents Joe who is tactical and sneaky and also likes to kill his enemies in one hit. Now how’s that for symbolism?