Dual Wield Software

DWS is a two-man team comprised of brothers Joe Waller and Chad Waller. Both hail from tiny town and perpetual flyover state, La Crescent Minnesota, where they spend half the year miserably frozen and the other half miserably hot. Yes, Minnesota does get warm on occasion! No, it's never a good kind of warm.


Joe Waller is the head game designer, lead programmer, lead artist, a level designer, and music composer for Dual Wield Software. When he isn't doing any of those things--almost never--he's probably playing Bloodborne or Dark Souls. His favorite video game is Half Life 2.


Chad Waller is the lead writer for Dual Wield Software, backup game designer, a level designer, music composer, sound effect maker, and lead marketing consultant for Dual Wield Software. He likes writing novels and taking naps. His favorite video game is Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Why Dual Wield Software

There are two reasons for the name, and one of them is a great secret. I can divulge the other though.

There are two of us!

I can assure you that the secret reason is better than that one, but it being a secret and all, you’ll have to live with the really terrible secondary explanation. I’m sorry, but not really.