Character Introductions: Myna and Baya

Hey everyone! It’s been almost four years since I’ve gotten to do an entry introducing characters to The Land of Glass, but 2018 is the year we put out our first piece of DLC—a full-blown campaign that’s easily longer than any of the others. It will also be free. With that, I’d like to touch on the two people you’ll get to play as, a married couple from the Aboravin Jungle.

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The Lichwood [Short Story]

Hey everyone! Just want to throw out a quick update that we've been hard at work on a slew of stuff, from free DLC for The Land of Glass to concepting the next big project. Between those heavy-hitters, there's also been some branching out to smaller projects--mostly music--and on the whole, we've been quite productive! We haven't been as fast as we'd like to be, but work is being done. I believe the goal is to have the DLC campaign out within the next two or three months.

In the meantime, I've been having fun with short stories, and I figured I'd share the latest one. It's a fantasy/horror piece of about 1800 words, so six pages.

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The Land of Glass Sheet Music

Hey everyone, I meant to share this about a month ago when it was first completed, but if you've managed to take a trip into the latter half of the game, you probably encountered some piano music that my brother composed. We're pretty happy with the soundtrack, and when it comes to the piano throughout, Joe took care to write things that could be played on an actual piano.

He decided to transcribe one of those tunes into sheet music, so if you've got a piano and can read music, please feel free to download and share!

[click to access]

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The Land of Glass Lighting Settings

We've had a handful of people ask us if it's possible to change the lighting and/or tone down the bloom in The Land of Glass. The answer is yes! We figured it would be helpful to showcase what the different settings look like on a fairly bright map. You can see them below.

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Music: The Winds of Feather

Hey everyone, been awhile since we've updated any of our social media. We hit a groove where working on the game became easier/less stressful than Facebook, Twitter, and this website, and like with all good grooves, we rode it until it ran out. (I think that's what you do with grooves.)

So while I do have a pretty cool tune to share with everyone today, I want to get a few facts out of the way first.

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Scarfoam Coast: Water, Kings, and Falls

So it has once again been way too long since I updated our dev blog. It's funny, I'm looking at that progress report from four months ago and thinking, "a lot of those numbers now read 100%." Progress is happening, and it's going quicker than slower to boot! All of the levels are done save some little details here and there, we have battle maps for every level but the one I'm about to talk about, we're maybe two songs away from having a full soundtrack, and all the dialogue is done save for one final round of editing.

We don't have a specific release date yet, but you know, soon.

However, we're here to talk about the Scarfoam Coast, or the water level in Land of Glass. This was the level I think both my brother and myself were dreading to make, partly because we had no idea what it should look like, and partly because the water engine can be finicky to work with. It does a lot with a little, but you have to know how to make it work to get the best out of it. Thankfully, I know the guy who made it.

Also, I made him do all the water.

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2016 Progress Report

Early last year I published a progress report of what we’ve accomplished on The Regret of Vitrerran. Well, another year has come and gone, and it’s time to do another one of these. Much like the first one, these percents are estimations, not all categories are created equal, and we are hoping to have this game done and out within the next eight to ten months.

2016 was a super productive year!


We’re defining maps as the level geometry throughout Viterran. If you’ve caught any of our Let’s Builds or our blog posts about the various countries across our continent, then you have a strong understanding of what we’re talking about.

Ice level: 100%

Fire level: 100%

Jungle level: 100%

Sand level: 90%

Wind level: 30%

Swamp level: 100%

Water level: 10%

Neutral level: 15%

Battle Maps

We’re defining battle maps as the small, usually 16x16 square maps where battles take place. There are between 10 and 15 per dungeon.

Ice level: 90%

Fire level: 100%

Jungle level: 0%

Sand level: 90%

Wind level: 0%

Swamp level: 80%

Water level: 0%

Neutral level: 0%


We’re defining dialogue as how far a set of characters are through their respective campaigns. It should be noted that all dialogue with the Merchant character—some 17 pages worth—is finished. I have not included those tallies in the below figures.

Kvalt/Tylek: 63%

Pakasoph/Caud: 100%

Herahk/Aros: 63%

Marcus/James: 63%


Artwork is one of the biggest things we have left to do for Vitrerran, yet some aspects of it shouldn’t take that long to do. The portraits are a bit of a time-sink, but the animations themselves aren’t all that bad because once one walk cycle is completed, it’s just a matter of following that path. The mold’s been created, so now it’s time to replicate it.

Level Tilesets: 85%

Character Portraits: 50%

Character Animations: 40%


We really can’t estimate how far we are on the card front because Vitrerran promises to have a lot of them, and “a lot of them” isn’t a number. We’re making them up as we go in a sense, but the good news is they aren’t terribly difficult to make or churn out.

That being said, we do have at least half of them finished.


Of all the rough estimates here, sounds are probably the roughest since I cannot say for certain how many sound effects the game will need. I also can only estimate how many songs we’ll have, but ideally I’d like to cap that number at 20. That’s two per dungeon for a total of 16, and then four more for things like boss fights and our overworld music.

Music: 60%

Sound Effects: 15%


We’re defining design as playable and complete levels from a purely gameplay-driven perspective. This includes all fighting and rewards only.

Pakasoph/Caud: 40%

Kvalt/Tylek: 25%

Herahk/Aros: 25%

Marcus/James: 25%

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