Video Series: Let's Build Vitrerran!

One of the problems with these dev blogs is that I don't want to post them until I'm officially done with something. When I finished Svarog, I made a post about it. When Joe drew up Caud and Pakasoph, I made a post about them. The thing is, there are long bouts of time between starting and finishing something, and it's kind of a drag when I go a full month without an update.

The long bouts of time can be chalked up to jumping from thing to thing. One week I'll work on a level, another week I'll try my hand at sound effects, another week I'll work on dialogue, etc. There's a lot that goes into a game, and I'm enjoying the variety.

But that means few updates.

So, I'm trying something different. I've gone and recorded myself working in the editor, doing actual editing and level building. I talked a lot too. If I can't keep solid updates going, I can at least provide this, which hopefully will be entertaining.