Blueprint Cards

Blueprint Cards

Yet another long delay in updates. How about one on a new card type? Blueprint Cards! These cards let you make new cards from other cards. Most games call that crafting. We do, too.

 As of right now, crafting can be done through the Blacksmith’s crafting menu. This shows a list of all acquired Blueprint Cards, as well as the crafting space and respective costs.

Hovering over a Blueprint Card will show the resulting card and the price for crafting it.

Clicking the card will lock it to the crafting space and show which cards are required to make it. In this case the Phoenix Field Magic Card requires a level 3 Attack Card, a level 1 Fire Field Magic Card, and a Heal Field Magic Card. Depending on the card type, more than one card may be applicable. The Attack Card, for example, accepts both the normal level 3 Attack Cards and the level 3 Attack Sludge Cards in our inventory.


Clicking an Attack Card puts it into the crafting slot and automatically jumps to the next one. Clicking the slots manually also switches them.


Once all slots are filled, the card can be crafted by clicking the “Craft” button. This expends the required cards and gold and puts the crafted card in our inventory.


And that’s about it. Blueprint Cards should give players more options for how they want to use their cards, as well as a means to clean up their inventory a bit. Virtually every card type can be made from a Blueprint Card, including Utility Cards. Speaking of cards, we have quite a few new cards to show (and many more to keep secret until the game’s release). Stay tuned to see some demonstrations soon.

~Joe, this time.