Development Update

Hey everyone, it's been another long bout of time between updates, meaning it's time for another apology. I really, really don't like these voids of silence, but right now, there isn't much progress to show. That might not change for awhile, either.

I've spent the last month or so working on dialogue, finalizing Herahk/Aros and Kvalt/Tylek's journeys through the first five dungeons we have mapped out. I won't lie, they've been difficult to work with. Those four characters have been my problem children from day one, and that maybe wont' change ever.

However, I've smashed their campaigns into something pretty special, and I think you'll like them, especially Herahk/Aros. I really, really like how they've turned out.

To put this into some perspective, the Word document with all of our video game's dialogue currently measures something like 30,000 words, give or take a few hundred. That's a lot. When The Land of Glass is all said and done, it'll be the size of a small novel.

On the reverse, Joe has been working on more menu stuff. The last few major bits of programming we need were the buy/sell menu (complete with merchant) and a crafting menu. Well, they're in the game, though none of the assets are, so there's nothing to show for it yet.

I want to say soon, but drawing portraits for our merchant/black smith aren't high on the list of priorities yet. There's still so much more to draw first.

The future holds more work. Work work work work work work work! I plan on hitting up more levels, fully fleshing out the Sehktus Desert and Arboravin Jungle now that my problem children have fully walked through those areas. The thing is, I've already posted tons of pictures of those places, so more really might not mean much.

I also want to keep some things secret for narrative purposes.

Joe, on the other hand, is working on some card effects right now. We want our special cards to look like the kinds of foil cards you'd get out of a random pack of, say, Pokemon cards. I used to collect them when I was younger and damn it, card games need foil cards. It's just fun. A little random reward for your time.

That, honestly, shouldn't take him too long to finish up. I'm not positive where he'll go next, but I can imagine it'll be more design work or churning out more magic cards. The campaigns will be easier to balance when they're all in place; all we'll need to do is tweak their numbers.

So that's it for now. The Land of Glass lives and will continue to live until it's done.