Press Release

Today marks our attempt at going public. I've sent out our first press release to a few sites, and in an effort to spread the word just a bit more, I'm also posting it here. All of this information is open to use.

The Regret of Vitrerran is a real-time card game with a character-driven story that spans four campaigns and houses hundreds of cards to collect.

The Regret of Vitrerran

The Regret of Vitrerran aims to do something new with the standard card-collecting game: make you fight in real time. We want to keep the strategy and forethought of planning out a deck, but we also want to add the spice of action-oriented combat. Picking your cards and building your deck are important, but that’s only half the battle; employing them quickly and efficiently is what you’ll need to do to succeed

Cards come in four types: attack, defense, magic, and utility, and these come in different sizes and magnitudes. Attack and defense cards are placed in their specific grids, and you’ll be managing both grids at the same time. Magic cards come in eight different elements and are placed directly onto the playing field. Finally, utility cards act as armor upgrades and non-elemental magic

All cards are weighted, and you can only carry so much weight, so you’ll have to balance out all of your upgrades.