land of glass.png

The Land of Glass is a real-time card game with RPG elements and a character-driven story. Pick your characters, build your deck, and save Vitrerran!


Experience a new kind of card game, one that doesn't go back and forth in precise, gentlemanly turns but operates in real time and right now. Think fast and move quickly, for the monsters and infected populace of Vitrerran won't wait for you to choose your best cards.

You'll need to manage two different ever-changing grids to win. Keep your defenses strong and your attacks stronger. And when in doubt, use magic to buff your attacks or burn away enemy defenses.

The battlefield is more than just its two grids though--bombard your opponents with powerful magic. Rain down lightning or conjure harsh fire to eat away at the hordes of monsters infecting Vitrerran. Nine different magical types await, from wind-blown buffs to slippery ice to falling meteors. Experimenting is key to survival.

Collect hundreds of cards to build your deck, from powerful magic to legendary weapons and rings.

The Story

The Continent of Vitrerran has always been at odds with itself, with the different nations forever squabbling over petty issues. This normalcy seemed like it would continue forever until the Mage's Council was struck with idea of uniting their collective home. Portals. The answer was simple. If travel and commerce were easier, Vitrerran’s people would finally understand that they weren’t so different, despite their looks or locations. Vitrerran could finally come together.

They built the portals, and the excitement of a new future grew throughout the land. But the portals did not work. What came forth weren’t settlers or traders but monsters and destruction.

Key Features

  • Four campaigns with eight different characters
  • A unique take on the deck-based card game
  • Character driven story
  • Nine different types of magic
  • Hundreds of cards to collect
  • Stained glass art style