Music: The Winds of Feather

Hey everyone, been awhile since we've updated any of our social media. We hit a groove where working on the game became easier/less stressful than Facebook, Twitter, and this website, and like with all good grooves, we rode it until it ran out. (I think that's what you do with grooves.)

So while I do have a pretty cool tune to share with everyone today, I want to get a few facts out of the way first.

The Land of Glass is almost done. From a gameplay standpoint, it can be played in its entirety from start to end save the final boss. Most of the game balance/feel is also in place, such as how the currency works and when you get new cards. Tweaks are to be made yet, but yeah, this thing is shaping up really nicely.

What's left are sound effects, art, and a few tunes to round everything out. After that it'll be beta testing and bug fixes, though some of that has already begun. Shoutout to my buddy Matt for being an absolute trooper in that regard.

A December release date isn't out of the question for this game, and honestly, would be preferred. We just have to hit another groove and ride it out.

Speaking of grooves (yeah that was a bad segue), I do have music! This song is called "The Winds of Feather" because I'm stupid and consistent. Pretty sure that's an admirable set of traits to have. Anyways, this song is the main theme for the Aboravin Jungle, where the main theme is birds. The cities are named after birds, the people are named after birds, and the jungle itself is a smashing of "Arbor" and "Avian."


I wanted to play with wind instruments here, so I did. Other than the drums, everything is either a type of flute or...flute.

I'll be honest, I wrote the thing like four or five months ago now and don't remember much of the process. I hope I had fun. It's a pretty cool little tune.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope to be talking to you more in the near future. We are almost done!